Executive Search Process

The Recruitment Search Process

Meeting with the Client

We conduct this initial meeting to discuss your requirements including but not limited to:

  • The position’s main priorities
  • The selection of search criteria
  • Your specific environment and how it relates to the position

The Search

We identify potential candidates through extensive research that includes identifying appropriate target companies and organizations, contacting a network of affiliations, conducting an extensive search of our candidate database and directly contacting qualified and/or suitable individuals.


Once we have identified targeted candidates, we screen these individuals through phone calls to determine whether they match the position requirements. During this identification process in executive recruitment, we organically expand our network and typically are led to other potential candidates in the milieu.


Having established a list of those most qualified and appropriate we review, analyze and evaluate their professional experience with their resumes and, should they meet the criteria of the search, we proceed to the pre-selection interview phase where the top candidates to date are brought in for in-depth interviews.

Presentation of Candidates

The best candidates determined through the pre-selection phase are presented to the client for review and discussion and a “short list” is decided for the client to meet.


Once the short listed candidate interviews are complete and the finalist has been determined, we proceed to references. We use a verbatim method when conducting references capturing the ‘voice’ as much as possible to produce a more authentic report. We typically conduct the “360-degree” reference check when possible: communicating with former employers, colleagues and subordinates.

Psychometric Evaluations

A psychological evaluation may be added to the hiring process and is conducted with a reputable firm acting independently on the client’s behalf.

This phase of the process is at the client’s discretion and involves additional fees.